This is where we explain the technical details about delivery

How do I order after I am part of a group?

  1. Open our online store- We have both retail items and private store items. To get access to private store contact us at and inquire private access.

  2. Shop our products- As you select items you are asked to choose how to get your products.

  3. Select the group delivery you’re a part of.

  4. Make sure to order before deadline stated.

  5. We prepare your order and driver delivers your product on delivery day stated.

  6. Have a cooler ready at front door or be present to receive your order

I want to be a delivery driver. What are the benefits?

  1. You get paid for making a trip to the farm!

  2. You get paid for every order you drop off!

  3. The farther you drive the more you get paid!

  4. You are put in a group including us to communicate to plan if you will drive every trip or if you want to take turns.

  5. You do not need to take any orders. Orders are all submitted and paid online.

What do I do as a delivery driver?

  • After the order deadline we put all orders together for your delivery and send the order list to you.

  • View orders and estimate the room you need to transport.

  • Drive out to the farm. We will have the orders ready.

    Deliver the orders

    How far do I have to drive as a delivery driver?

  • Typically we try and match people that are only 10 minutes from your route home