Product Details

Our products are sold at our on-farm store. Online ordering is also available for pickup here. 

Our hours are Mon.-Sat. from 8-6.

Come out & meet us!! Please text or email us to schedule a first-time visit.


We take credit cards, cash, or checks.


Grass-fed Beef

Need dinner in a hurry??  Ground Beef is a win… everytime!  Fry it, make patties, balls, or loaves!

 Feel great about putting nutrient-dense food in front of your family!!


Raw Dairy Products

KS law doesn’t allow us to advertise.

For more info, shoot us an email at info@borntragerdairy or text 620.615.2259.

We’d love to work with you!


Pastured Eggs

Need a quick protein fix before running your children to coop??  Fry 2 eggs in pork lard for a simple yet nutritious breakfast!

Have energy till noon!


Whey-fed Pork

Wanting to fix a special dinner for your man??

Try our Scrumptious Pork Chops! Fix them in the early afternoon & while they are baking: flip burgers for your children, feed them supper, & tuck them into bed early!

Pull out your pork chops, fancy dinnerware, & light a candle. Get dressed up... if ya feel like it.  Surprise your hard-working man to a special night for the two of you!😍

He’ll feel like a million bucks!!  



Headed to softball practice??  Make this delicious meat & bake it while you're at practice.

Your son will devour it as soon as he comes home & NO mom guilt for stopping at the burger joint for empty calories!  Yeah, my kiddos are HUNGRY too, when we come home from ball practice!😏


Raw Honey

Struggling with allergies?? Do you have watery eyes or a runny nose??
Take a tbsp. of raw honey mixed with a tbsp. of grass-fed butter, each morning!

 Notice the difference!

We’d love to have you come out to our on-farm store!

 We are open Mon-Sat. from 8-6.

Please email or text to schedule a first-time visit. 620.615.2259