The Dutch Belted Breed

Dutch Belteds are efficient animals of moderate size between Holsteins and Jerseys.  Cows weigh from 900-1500 pounds with bulls bulls weighing 1350-2000 pounds.  They are black, or occasionally red, with a dazzling white belt around the middle.  This belt should begin a little back of the shoulder and extend not quite to the hips and entirely around the body.  Intelligence and friendly disposition make Dutch Belted cattle an excellent choice for family farms, rotational grazing, and other systems where ease of handling is valued.  Their milk tests 3.5 to 5.5 per cent butter fat making it an ideal drinking milk.  It is logical to believe that the same knowledge of breeding that produced the world's most beautiful cow also was used in producing a natural soft curd, easily digested milk.  They never heard of the term "Homogenized", but nevertheless bred it into their cows.  The fat globules are exceptionally small.

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Dairy Production

·The breed retains excellent grazing ability and forage efficiency.

·Optimum calving interval is an important trait for seasonal dairy production.
·Many cows produce over 20,000 pounds of milk, primarily on forage.
·Longevity reduces replacement costs, and there are many teenage cows still in production.
·Moderate frame size results in high dairy beef yield.

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