Not sure HOW to cook Fresh Side (Bacon)?? This is for You!

Who doesn't have enough time to read ALL their emails?? 😏  Me!

Life with young kids (or even older)  is hard & yet so full-filling at the same time!

 In the recent past, I've started listening more to podcasts, live videos, etc. as I'm washing dishes or cooking dinner...

And especially when I'm trying out a new recipe, it helps when you visualize what is "supposed" to happen!πŸ˜‰

So, here goes...

I am so excited to send out my first how-to video!😎

(and a bit nervous, too!)  

Several of you have asked what fresh side is, how is it different from traditional bacon, & how to cook it.

I’ve answered all your questions in the video below!!

It's so easy, right??  AND soo delicious!!πŸ₯“

Be sure to try fresh side next time you come to the farm store! 

It just might be your family's next favorite breakfast meat!

If after watching the video, you still have questions, email me!!πŸ˜„

In a few weeks, we will be taking orders for 1/2 hogs.  Need to fill your freezer with pork again?  Stay tuned!  Our email list will get priority!

I LOVE being able to go get sausage or pork chops out of the freezer anytime I need it!  So handy with our size family + it's the most economical way to buy meat!

Be sure to try fresh side AND come back & comment if you liked it!!πŸ˜‹

Enjoy your food!