Benefits of Grass-Fed Raw Milk

Do you like milk with your cookies??

  • “Yes, but it irritates my tummy.”

  • “Yes, but it gives me a rash.”

  • “Yes, but my Dr. says I’m lactose intolerant.”

If any of these answers sounds like your experience with milk; please keep reading!!

Raw Milk is REAL Milk

How can my child be allergic to milk??

You do everything possible to put good, healthy food in front of your child but... he still has a rash.  The doctor decides your little boy is lactose intolerant.

What?!  But he LOVES milk!!  And… milk is suppose to be naturally healthy, right??!

How do I know this?  I have heard this scenario many times!

I’m guessing you already know that food from the store is not optimal & life-giving.

Meat & milk products from the store are fed a diet that causes all kinds of trouble in your body.  And the processing often kills the little nutrition that is there.

We believe you’ll be able to hugely improve your health by changing to a traditional diet & eating “living food” (food free from additives & raised from healthy animals)!

You just might be able to enjoy milk again!

Did you know…..

  • Raw Milk contains the enzyme lactase, which is necessary to break down the lactose sugars found in milk.   

    Did you know pasteurization deactivates the lactase enzyme thus resulting in lactose intolerance?!!  Many times we have heard stories of people who are lactose intolerant & after consuming raw grass-fed milk they were excited to be able to drink milk again!! 

  • Raw milk has not been processed in any way; raw milk is in its natural whole-food form.  Pasteurization will literally kill the milk; nearly every single enzyme is completely deactivated during the heating process! 🤔

  • Raw milk contains lots of great bacteria that helps strengthen your immune system! A true Superfood!

  • Is full of amazing enzymes that help your body digest & use all of the natural parts of raw milk, Yes! Even the natural fats!!   Make sure to leave your cream on your milk! 

    Studies now show we need these special fats - grass-fed cream & butter, for proper brain function, healthy gut, healthy skin, heart health, & so much more! 

    We are starving our brain without  these naturally occurring vitamins, fatty acids, etc. necessary for optimal growth and development!! 

  • And of course!! We all know raw milk has an AMAZING flavor!😋  Milk and cookies... Yummm...😍 Seriously, if you have not tasted raw milk… be prepared to be blown away!!

  These are just a few of the many benefits...

We switched to grass-fed raw milk several years ago & have healed constipation, diaper rash, & more!!

Dozens of our friends have success stories as well!

  •  From the 5-yr-old little girl with an auto-immune disease,

  • the little boy with lactose intolerance,

  • the 45-yr-old lady on a raw milk -only diet for gut health, raw milk has been a part of their healing story!

These stories motivate us to keep providing nutrient dense “living food”!!

We’ve been managers of Borntrager Dairy for almost 13 years now & feel blessed to be a part of hundreds of peoples’ journey to better health!

We have a passion to connect the dots between you & the farmer producing your food!

If you are interested & want to know more, please email me at or text me at 620-615-2259.

Cheers to raw milk!


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