Busy Week? Try these EASY Chicken Recipes

We have VBS this week…

I’m guessing you know what that means!

For me (& probably you 😍) it means:

  • Busy schedules (be ready to leave at 6:20 each eve!)

  • Excited children (& tired! esp. after the first night)

  • Naps must not be neglected

  • Extra loads of laundry

  • Lots of food at ALL times of day

  • Oh yes, did I mention lots of FOOD?😏

All this in addition to the daily chores already scheduled!  How will I survive?😲

For me, the first key is to realize & acknowledge that it will be crazy, & the second key is to act/react accordingly…

Believe it or not… I often have one big thing that I forget to allow time for &... it’s usually the FOOD…

Nobody in my family understands how I could forget something so important but it’s the truth...🙈

Anyone else??

So this morning, I was coming up with a plan & decided to share it with you all, as I’m fairly certain someone else is in the same situation! :)

Sooo… our VBS serves a substantial snack every eve BUT no good mama sends her children to VBS with hungry/empty tummies…😊

In other words, my children always want a little something before they go & not only that… most times they are HUNGRY when we come home!  ...How does that work anyway??😏

Here’s my plan:   

  1. Have a sandwich, tortilla wrap, etc. before going to VBS

    • Roast beef sandwiches

    • Chicken quesadillas

    • Steak wraps

    • Chicken wraps

    • Taco salad

  2. Have healthy snacks available when we get home

  • Cheese & crackers

  • Chocolate Milk

  • Smoothies

  • Greek Yogurt

  • Carrots

  • Snack sticks

We have leftover steak meat from our Sunday lunch; so that will work perfectly for the wraps!!  I love, love having leftover beef steak, ham roast, or chicken!!

I need to put a whole chicken into the crock pot & debone it. Then it’s ready for our quesadillas + our wraps!!  YAY!! Whenever I can do 2 meals in one, I’m excited!!

I’m sharing my chicken recipes here to make your life easier as well! 🤗

And then to make sure I have the snack ingred. easily assessable in the fridge…. Ummm, excuse me while I go & clean out the fridge…

Here’s to a well-planned VBS week!😉


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