Want to wow your man with dinner?? Try these scrumptious Pork Chops!!


Hi there!

Not sure what to have for dinner??😏😋

Want to make your man feel appreciated??
Esp. after he worked hard all day to provide for you & your family…

Yes!! Of course!😍😎

BUT…(that’s a BIG but!😬) how do I make it happen with everything else in my day???  I mean… I’m teaching the kids, running to coop classes, doing the laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, paying the bills, grocery shopping, etc& the list goes on…

How can I get an amazing meal on the table to show my man how much I appreciate him?? 

Ladies, watch the video below & I’ll show you how I do it!!💃

 How to make Yummy Pork Chops!!  …And a BONUS on what I do for side dishes!!🤸‍♀️

It’s really quite easy, just takes a bit of forethought!😉

And here is my FREE Pork Chop recipe:

Scrumptious Pork Chops

Ready to bake in  20 minutes. Bake time 3+ hours. Serves 2-3  people.


  • 3 Borntrager Dairy pork chops, (thawed works best, but I have used frozen when in a hurry & they worked fine.)

  • 2 Tbsp. lemon juice, divided

  • 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

  • salt & pepper to taste

  • 4 Tbsp Borntrager Dairy pork lard or butter for frying, divided

  • 2 Tbsp. arrowroot powder or cornstarch

  • 2 cups of water


  1. In a medium-sized skillet, melt lard or butter on medium heat.

  2. Arrange chops on the hot skillet to brown.

  3. Mix 1 Tbsp. lemon juice & apple cider vinegar, & pour evenly over the chops.

  4. Sprinkle with salt & pepper.

  5. Fry on one side 2 minutes, flip chops over & fry the other side for 3-4 minutes or till nicely browned.

  6. Arrange in a roaster pan.

  7. Mix arrowroot powder, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and water together. 

  8. Pour over chops. Place remaining butter in slabs on top of the meat.

  9. Bake at 250 degrees for 3+ hours. (baking it longer will make them more tender! Just make sure there’s plenty of liquid!)

  10. Arrange on a meat platter, drizzle with raw honey. 

  11.  Serve and Enjoy!

Print here!!


To finish your meal… my recommendations...😎

  1. Throw some potatoes into your double broiler 45 min before you want to eat;🥔🥔

  2.  Toss some frozen green beans (in the same kettle) 20 min before you are eating,

  3.  Set the table, 🍽

  4. And read a book to your munchkins or dress-up for your man while you wait on your mouth-watering supper!! 😍

Want dessert?? Try my cheesecake recipe here!🍰

Your man will think you’re the greatest!!💯🤩

Showing our man we love and appreciate him doesn’t have to be hard!!
  It just needs to be done on a regular basis!😍 So often, I can get caught up in my own work & do my own thing & forget to love on my people!!

I’m challenging myself… Will you join me??

Let’s Appreciate our Man!!


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