Looking for Healthier Eating Habits?? Not sure where to start? Listen in!!

“I’m so overwhelmed with all this info!”

“How do I get my children to eat ‘real’ food?”🥛🧀🍳🥩🍗

“I want to change our diet but it’s so hard!” 

“What foods would you start with??”🤨😏

Does this sound familiar?? I’m guessing it does as so many of you have been asking these or similar questions!

You guys, listen in!! I recorded a video answering some of these questions!! 

And just so you know, 12 years ago, I was right where you are!!  I was pregnant & wanting THE BEST for my child, like all parents do!  🤰

As I researched & read & researched some more, I was very overwhelmed with all the info, all the different choices… + add all the time & work of trying to Find healthy foods that I was comfortable feeding my children!!

It’s a hard place to be & yet it’s easier than it ever has been to research & find ‘real’ foods!!  Twelve years ago, I had no idea how to research options on a computer!!👩‍💻 Shop our online store here!

I read & re-read magazines;  health, herbs, supplements, vitamins, etc.🌿🥕

And slowly, but surely, we made progress in switching to healthier eating habits!!

And I just want you to know I’m cheering for you as you figure out your “path”!!🤸‍♀️

Listen in as I tell you a bit about our journey + helpful tips on how to get started!!

Now, tell me in the comments below what food you are going to start with!!😋

Cheers to healthy eating!!


If you find this info helpful, please forward it to a friend!!  We are all in this together & I’d love to help your friends get started on healthier eating!💃

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