Suffering from Eczema??  This might be your answer!!

Here’s what one of our customers says:

We love your delicious products! We’ve noticed my 10 yr. old son’s terrible eczema has been subsiding & is almost completely healed!! So AMAZING!!


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The Benefits of Pastured Eggs!!

Did you know??

Eating 1-2 pastured eggs fried in pork lard each morning will keep your tummy full till noon!!  No need for morning snacks!

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Benefits of Grass-Fed Raw Milk

Do you like milk with your cookies??

  • “Yes, but it irritates my tummy.”

  • “Yes, but it gives me a rash.”

  • “Yes, but my Dr. says I’m lactose intolerant.”

If any of these answers sounds like your experience with milk; please keep reading!!

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Pastured, Free- Range, Organic, Farm-Raised... What's the difference??

“The eggs looked ok but didn’t satisfy our hunger.” - Arlene writes; on store-bought eggs served while traveling.

Let’s talk eggs! Pastured, Organic, Farm-Raised, the list goes on… Which is BEST for my family??

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